Jonathan Starkey

Changing the world, one fader at a time...

This website acts as a hub for my activities.

Jonathan Starkey, virtuoso pianist and composer, the perfect blend of classicism and romanticism in one musician.

PIANO ROMANCE - The Beautiful Melodies of Jonathan Starkey are now publicly available for digital download throughout the world, iTunes, Google, Amazon MP3, Spotify and more.

Jonathan’s production music is distributed to and heard in the broadcast industries of 54 countries and can be found on these albums:-

Piano Masterclass I (KPM1387CD), Piano Masterclass II (KPM49CD), Piano Ragtime (KPM106CD), Stride & Boogie Piano (KPM107CD), The Classical Jazz Trio (KPM499CD), The Classical Piano (Juice Music JM26), Piano Study (CHAP130), Organ Mechanical Instruments (CHAP161), ATMOS-MOODS (CHAP AV013CD), ATMOS/SEA/WATER (CHAP AV015), Well Known Tunes (CHAP AV028), Pastoral Romantic (CHAP117CD), Piano Romance (JMN CD A01), Carols at the Piano (JMN CD A02), Songs from the Nursery (JMN CD A03).