Jonathan Starkey

Library Music

Music for broadcast more commonly known as 'library music', is music composed, arranged and performed with the broadcast industry as its main user. Film Makers, Television, Radio, Corporate Video are all examples of media entities within the broadcast industry that utilise library music.

A music library is very similar to a normal book library in that it contains many different styles and genres. When a user wishes to create a certain mood within the project (e.g. a 29 second commercial etc.) then they will listen to certain types of music within the library, choose the piece best suited in style and length and synchronise the music to the project.

I work creating, arranging, performing and recording music with libraries in particular KPM Music Library (EMI), Juice Music (ITV), Chappell Recorded Music Library (Universal), Atmosphere Music (Universal), Amphonic Music and of course my own label JMN, of which I will be releasing 12 production music albums shortly with more in the pipeline. Although I am a traditional musician, fundamentally speaking, I love the beauty of digital and the opportunities it affords the independent composer and musician of today.

My music is distributed to and heard in the broadcast industries of 54 countries and can be found on these albums:-

Piano Masterclass I (KPM1387CD), Piano Masterclass II (KPM49CD), Piano Ragtime (KPM106CD), Stride & Boogie Piano (KPM107CD), The Classical Jazz Trio (KPM499CD), The Classical Piano (Juice Music JM26), Piano Study (CHAP130), Organ Mechanical Instruments (CHAP161), ATMOS-MOODS (CHAP AV013CD), ATMOS/SEA/WATER (CHAP AV015), Well Known Tunes (CHAP AV028), Pastoral Romantic (CHAP117CD), Piano Romance (JMN CD A01), Carols at the Piano (JMN CD A02), Songs from the Nursery (JMN CD A03), Silent Movies (Soundstage AVF140).